Sunday, July 4, 2010

EZPLC the Powerful Ladder Programming

EZPLC is the most innovative PLC in its class. It is packed with power only found in high end PLC’s. It’s also support most flexible I/O in industry.

The EZPLC supports 32-bit floating point mathematical and logical operations. The data options allow you to use signed or unsigned integer data as well as floating point data type.

This instruction is meant to make ladder programming EZ and flexible. You can copy the data in one register, convert its data type and save it into another register without altering the ‘source’ register. The data can be converted from binary to BCD or grey code or vice versa.

Move block instruction adds convenience to handling data inside the ladder program. You can move block of memory. All you need to specify is starting point of your source address, number of data elements to move and starting point of destination memory address. Along with Move Block, Fill Block and Move table of Constants also make life of a programmer much simple.

You can Move string data between registers, base rung power flow upon string comparison and compute string length to store the length value in different register. Capability to use subroutines is a huge plus in EZPLC programming.

Time base of each count is user defined and each step has its counter. User can define an event to trigger the count. The rung power flow is allowed after completion aft all the steps in a drum.

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