Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nano PLCs Editor FTX 117 Terminal

The FTX 117 dedicated terminal is the instruction list language programming tool for Nano PLCs. It is easy to use due to its back-lit screen with 4 lines of 16 characters and 35-key keypad for contextual entry.
The FTX 117 terminal can be powered in two different ways:
• By a 100 to 200VAC mains supply or 200 to 240 VAC supply via FTX ADC 1.
• Adaptor, in which case the terminal must be used in offline mode.
• By the Nano PLC, in which case the priority operating mode of the terminal is online mode.

There are rapid operations in Nano PLCs which are necessary function for writing, debugging, transferring, and archiving programs are accessible at any time as there are 5 editors which display the menus. They are:
1. TSX: shows the menus for:
• Displaying the RUN/STOP status of the PLC.
• Running or Stopping the PLC
• Initializing the PLC memory.
• Displaying and entering the real-time clock parameters.
• Setting the PLC integral clock.

2. Prg: program editor designed for:
• Reading, writing and modifying the program using duplication, search, replacement functions, etc.
• Partially or completely clearing the application memory.
• Debugging program.
• Transferring and archiving applications.
• Program diagnostic using a consistency check.

3. Dat: Data editor for:
• Accessing the set of variables in real-time display.
• Modifying or forcing authorized variables.
• Converting word objects into hexadecimal, ASCII or decimal code.

4. Cnf: configuration editor for:
• Entering application parameters.
• Entering I/O and function block parameters.
• Entering constant word.

5. FTX: terminal editor for entering terminal parameters (language, sound, keyboard, screen saver).

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