Friday, July 30, 2010

Hardware Requirement & Workflow Sequence of eM-PLC

eM-PLC and Siemens STEP 7 Professional run on Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP and should be installed on the same computer. Minimum PC configuration: Pentium III 766 MHz with 512MB RAM.

eM-PLC workflow sequence
Data preparation:
• Step 1: import the relevant CAD data into the modeling environment.
• Step 2: add the relevant kinematics behavior and additional model resources by taking advantage of the strong library handling.
• Step 3: Define the functional sequences (sequence of operations) using drag and drop in a Gantt Chart this data preparation can be done either in eM-workplace or by using the modeling functionality of eM-Engineer.

Automatic PLC code generation and programming
• Step 4: take advantage of the automatic signal generation and automatic creation of the sequential function chart (SFC).
• Step 5: add all the needed control definitions such as transitions, supervisions, alternatives, integration of library function blocks, definition of call hierarchy, etc.
• Step 6: let the system automatically, and quickly, create an entire STEP 7 project.

Virtual commissioning
• Step 7: run the program on a virtual PLC (STEP 7 PLCSIM) and verify it using the virtual cell. Check for the correctness of the control logic, evaluate emergency scenarios and optimize behavior.
• Step 8: test your program using a real PLC and optional real HMI (Human Machine Interface) against a virtual cell using OPC.

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