Saturday, July 31, 2010

CX Sever Lite is ActiveX Control for Omron PLC

CX-Server Lite contains an ActiveX communication control to interface to CX-Server Runtime providing Windows PC based applications communication to Omron PLCs and temperature controllers. The ActiveX control can be used within a Microsoft compliant ActiveX container making it especially easy when deployed within Excel or Visual Basic. In addition ActiveX control also includes a set of graphical Omron ActiveX controls, making it not only easy for exchange of data but creation of custom HMI applications.

The key features of CX-Server Lite are as following:
• ActiveX communication control for Omron PLCs. It is easily connect Windows based application to Omron hardware. No custom code to write or debug.
• Create HMI applications using Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic.
• Set of Omron ActiveX graphical controls. Turn Microsoft Excel into a PC-based HMI and saves time in Visual Basic.
• Script command set. For more advanced users, ActiveX communication control can be accessed through Visual Basic Script. Powerful command are available for such things as sending and receiving FINS messages to/from Omron PLCs as well as reading and writing arrays of data.
• Drag and drop toolbar.
• Proven and realize connections to Omron hardware.
• Reuse I/O point database with other CX-Automation Suite products. CX-Automation Suite products allows direct importing of CX-Programmer CDM file to CX-Server Lite project saving valuable engineering development time.

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