Sunday, August 1, 2010

Checklist for Connected Operation with PLC

This checklist will help you create a plan for a connection session with the PLC. There are some items that can be as key points in the checklist:
• Determine essential parameters of the PLC.
Check that the project is appropriate for the PLC with which you will be working. Note any important characteristic of the PLC which may affect the connected environment (for example – memory, I/O setup).

• Establish the type of communications to be used
Make sure that your computer is correctly configured to communicate with the PLC, and that you have the necessary cables to make the connection.

• Check the project for accuracy and completeness
Use the program check feature for verifying your project and the networks it contains, and make softcopy of it, before making any changes while connected.

• Make a note of the appropriate I/O assignments
List all I/O devices and assignments to be made them, including the PLC I/O bit allocated to each.

• Establish PLC parameters
Use the Project PLS Setup command to set the appropriate environment in the PLC.

• Create a map for PLC memory area usage
Note the variables that your program uses, and where these can be found in PLC memory for monitoring.

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