Thursday, July 22, 2010

MicroLogix 1200 PLC Expansion I/O

The MicroLogix 1200 provides discrete I/O that is built into the controller as listed in the following table. These I/O points are referred to as embedded I/O.
MicroLogix 1200 PLC Expansion I/O
AC embedded inputs have fixed input filters. DC embedded inputs have configurable inputs filters for a number of special functions that can be used in your application. These are high speed counting, event interrupts, and latching inputs.

If the application requires more I/O than the controller provides, you can attach I/O modules. These additional modules are called expansion I/O.

Expansion I/O Modules
MicroLogix 1200 expansion I/O is used to provide discrete and analog inputs and outputs, and specialty modules. For the MicroLogix 1200, you can attach up to six additional I/O modules. The number of 1762 I/O modules that can be attached to the MicroLogix 1200 is dependent on the amount of power required by the I/O modules.

Addressing Expansion I/O Slots
The configure below shows the addressing for the MicroLogix 1200 and it’s I/O. the expansion I/O is addressed as slot 1 through 6. Modules are counted from left to right as shown below:
Addressing Expansion I/O Slots
In most cases, you can use the following address format: X:s/b (X: File type letter, s: Slot number, b: bit number).

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