Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Programming Fail-Safe I/O ET 200S/ET 200M

ET 200S/ET 200M with F modules include fail-safe input and output modules as well as fail-safe motor starters.
• Fail-safe input modules detect information from sensors.
• Fail-safe output modules control actuators.
• Fail-safe motor starters control and monitor drives.

All F modules can diagnose internal and external errors and are configured with internal redundancy. They have dedicated self-test functions and meet relevant safety requirements. They are marked with a yellow labeling bar and can be removed during operation while connected to the power supply.

The software package ‘Distributed Safety’ does not require new training, since the safety-related programs for the fail-safe CPUs are programmed with the STEP7 languages LAD and FBD. A safety-oriented program is generated by means of a special input during compilation.

The following fail-safe ET200S modules are available:
• 4/8 F-DI 24 VDC, fail-safe digital input with 4 inputs, 2 channel, SIL 3 sensors or 8 inputs, 1-channel.
• 4 F-DO 24 VDC /2A, fail-safe digital output with 4 outputs for 24 V and 2A.
• PM-EF 24VDC, power module with 2 outputs for 24V/2A and an additional relay output, which is available on terminals and also provides the load power supply for subsequent modules.
• Motor starter fail-safe with accessories.

The following fail-safe modules are available for the ET 200M:
• Digital input 24 x 24 VDC
• Digital output 10 x 24 VDC/2A
• Analog input 6 x 4-20 mA/13bits

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