Monday, July 19, 2010

System Configuration SIMATIC S7-300F and Fail-Safe I/O

S7-300F with fall safe CPUs, the fail safe CPUs are based on standard CPU, whose operating system has been expanded with various protection functions in order to enable safety-oriented user programs to be executed.

Non-safety oriented programs can be processed without restrictions. Generic drivers enable to direct connection of third party field devices to PROFIBUS. The S7-300F can be expanded with fail-safe SM modules (F-DI and F-DO) of the ET 200M in centralized configurations and with fail-safe I/O of the ET 200S and ET 200M in distributed configurations. In distributed expansions, fail-safe communications are handled via PROFIBUS with PROFI safe profile.

Data communication between connected field devices takes place exclusively using one field bus the PROFIBUS DP. The PROFIsafe profile enables both safety-related and standard data to be transmitted via field bus.

Data is encapsulated in accordance with the PROFIsafe profile, so that it can be transmitted via the standard field bus without being corrupted by any other standard devices on the bus.

The S7-300F offers the same diagnostic and messaging functions as a standard SIMATIC PLC. None of the devices are subject to diagnostic restrictions. The S7-300F with fail-safe ET 200M or ET 200S PROFsafe I/O modules meets the following requirements:
• IEC/EN 61508 (up to SIL3)
• EN 954 (up to cat. 4)
• NFPA 79, NFPA 85

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