Thursday, August 26, 2010

Development of PLC Based Controls at NSLS

The decision factors when selecting the Modicon products were costs, technical support, availability of a wide range of inexpensive I/O modules and networking solutions. The introduction of the MODBUS TCP protocol combined with the networking hardware by the Schneider Corporation, has greatly simplified the interface between the control systems of the PLCs.

At NSLS two types of processors are used. One is the TSX Quantum Controller. The logic is stored and run in the Quantum Controller. The processor communicates with I/O module using the Modbus Plus protocol. An Ethernet module connected to the processor via quantum back-plane provides the link to control system. The other processor is from the family of TSX Momentum products which include processor adapters, communication adapters, option adapters (to provide the processor with additional networking capability), and a variety of I/O modules. The modular design of the adapter and the simple plug-in and wiring of the products allow easy integration of a system that meets the NSLS requirements.

The concept software is used for PLC Program development. This complies with the Microsoft Windows GUI interface and the IEC 1131-3 standard for PLC programming. The concept software provides great development and debugging environment and generates documentation for the programmers.

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