Thursday, August 12, 2010

GE Substation Automation Components

Software application
A powerful suite of flexible, user friendly software applications and graphical user-interface modules are available. These advance user interface and easy to configure tools enable improved date reporting and data base configuration management.

Network communications
A range of network components are available to tie and new legacy equipment into one unified system. GE can provide secure and reliable communications media based on experience and expertise in numerous network systems.

Intelligent Electronic Devices
A family of modular and flexible intelligent electronic devices is available for solving the biggest challenge of integrating relays from existing substations and new systems. Our relay family provides the latest for relay integration, protection, and control, with high speed, open standard peer-to-peer communication for connecting directly to the LAN.

Robust system for monitoring a controlling substation device as well as for performance automation, IED gateways, and host communication functions. The systems have the processing power to monitor and control over 40 IEDs and thousands of I/O points.

Monitors and sensors
With a portfolio of sophisticated monitoring and diagnostics systems for critical substation equipment, remote monitoring of performance and critical fault detection is achievable. These advance systems enable you to improve performance and service reliability as well as extend the useful life of critical assets.

Feeder automation
Distribution Automation Remote Terminals equipped with auto-section-alizing and automation restoration software can dramatically reduce a customer’s outage frequency.

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