Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The System Benefits of GE Substation Automation System

GE Substation Automation seamlessly integrates the protection, monitoring, diagnostics, control, measurement, and software functions of your substation system. Below are the system benefits of GE Substation Automation system:
• Proactively identify fault before catastrophic failure occur.
• Manage fault detection, auto-sectionalizing, and auto-restoration.
• Enhance security and reliability with integrated protection, monitoring, and control.
• Monitor of status of all substation primary, protection, and control devices.

GE Substation Automation System also can centralize automation as following:
• Immediate access to remote locations from a centralized location.
• Enable predictive maintenance through analysis of operating conditions.
• Lower costs through centralized communications to remote substations.
• Common database enable predictive maintenance, volt/VAR control, and self diagnostics.
• Web enabled design affords resource location flexibility.

Improve asset management and enhance information management:
• Achieve tight system control through transformer and feeder load balancing systems.
• Extend equipment life and operate peak remote real-time performance monitoring.
• Eliminate redundant transducers, meters, event recorders, annunciation, and RTUs.
• Automation analysis of key operating condition for timely decision making.
• Quickly assess load management, load shedding, reactor and capacitor switching.

And lastly GE Substation Automation System can improve productivity:
• Adjust voltage, transformer loads, and feeder loads from central office PC or remote laptop.
• Improve equipment operating efficiencies through real-time monitoring and diagnostics.
• Fine-tune operations in real-time user-friendly, secure access.

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