Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Improved Solution for Substation Automation with GE Power Management

When it comes to managing your substation, the challenges can be difficult. Anything from unknown equipment status to unexpected outages can turn decision making into guesswork. GE is bringing an improved solution for your substation automation needs. With integrated solutions from GE Power Management and GE Harris Energy Control Systems, the total return on investment for your substation automation project can be even greater.

It provides comprehensive automated power management, protection, control, and monitoring solutions for substation automation. Systems are scalable and upgradeable, allowing for a minimal initial capital investment while maintaining the ability to upgrade.

In combining the hardware and software components required to efficiently integrate various power system IEDs. The GE substation Automation system provides standard network interfaces, open-layered multi protocol support, and centralized network management to efficiently communicate between generating plants, substation, and operation centers.

Legacy protocol devices can be combined with MMS/UCA2 and DNP 3.0 compliant IEDs or a host of other protocol including open ModBus/TCP and ModBus RTU over a high speed fiber optic communication network to accommodate the optimum combination of devices.

Comprise of communication equipment, protocol, gateway, HMIs, engineering tools, GE’s multi lingual UR (Universal Relay) family of IEDs and the D25 IED, the GE substation automation System directly interfaces with EMS and SCADA systems incorporating GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces).

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