Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Process Field Bus – Decentral Periphery (Profibus DP)

Profibus DP is an open, high speed and widely used field bus. It provides multi-master and master-slave communication in the field area. This field bus can accordingly be used for AC500 and AC31 control system series and for field-bus-neutral FBP devices (decentralized I/Os and intelligent switching devices) via the PROFIBUS-FBP connector.

The masters rule data traffic on the bus. When in possession of the bus access authorization (token), the masters can transmit data without an external request. The passive devices, known as slaves, do not receive any bus access rights; they acknowledge messages received, or respond to a query from a master. Baud rates from 9.6 kBaud to 12 MBaud are supported. A maximum of 126 devices can be operated on the bus.

Data exchange is handled predominantly in cyclical mode between master and slave. The requisite communication functions have been specified by the Profibus DP basic functions in accordance with EN 50170. Each master has full write and read access to its assigned slaves, but only read access to the slaves assigned to other bus masters. There is no direct data exchange between masters.

Profibus DP, the functionality at glance maximum 126 subscribers via amplifier and maximum 32 subscribers (master/slaves) per bus segment. Data transmission rate from maximum 12 MBit/s with a cable length of 100 m, and it is up to 93.75 kBit/s with 1200 m. Multi-master or master/slave communication. The bus access of the master is using token. Connection of the master CPU and the associated communication module is via a 9-pole SUB-D plug connector. Connection of slaves (CPU, I/Os and intelligent switching devices) is via FieldBusPlug.

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