Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Technology Integration for Home Automation

It is a fact that technologies change and evolve throughout time. This way, new technologies arise, which eventually replace those becoming obsolete.

Such is the case of the X10 protocol, obsolete and slow today when compared to other newer home automation technologies like UPnP (Universal Plug and Play).

For this reason, it is good to the usage of a services gateway like OSGi, which makes transparent to the user the actual underlying technology which provide the service, even if it should change at anytime.

The ideal proposal solution for a Home Automation System was the one where every device that might require a broadband connection can have a PLC interface to achieve this. This goal is achieved within the PLC integration in the UMU Home Automation device.

The OSGi functionality can be observed in the service developed by UMU that allows a user to manage X10 bulbs as IPvP UPnP devices. The X10 technology is limited and not as powerful as it would be desirable. By means of the OSGi developed service, a user will be able to manage his X10 bulbs by means of any UPnP IPv6 Control Point.

In this case the underlying technology is X10, but this is just an example of a non-IPv6 technology that is no accessible.

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