Friday, September 24, 2010

Internal and External Control of LADSIM

To aid the understanding of ladder programming and the various PLC functions available, “real” process simulations are provided within the package to give the student a variety of control problems on which they can develop their programming skills. The seven simulations provided within LADSIM include a Traffic Light Sequence, an annunciater, a Car Park Control System, a Drinks machine, a lift, a packing line, and a bottling plant, together with a simulation of the Lab-Volt Enhanced PLC Control Trainer.

LADSIM has the ability to control external equipment through an interface unit. This simply plugs into the parallel port of the PC and then amplifies the resultant 5V TTL signals through 24V relay outputs. These can then be used to control products such as the Industrial Control Trainer. A ladder program can thus be written and tested within LADSIM for the Industrial Control Trainer and the program can then be used to control a “real” model.

The introduction LADSIM to Inputs, Outputs, Timers, Counters Flags and Shift Registers:
• Developing a ladder logic program using these elements.
• Controlling a range of internal simulations, including simple traffic light sequence, car park control, lift control, etc.
• Debugging ladder logic programs.
• Adding comments to program.
• Printing out the program and saving to disk.

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