Thursday, September 23, 2010

Optional Accessories of LADSIM

In order for LADSIM to control equipment external to the PC, the parallel port interface with driver model 4512 provides access to the control signals from the PC. Unlike most interface cards, the model 4512 has been designed for use without the necessity of gaining access to the inside of a PC. It simply plugs into the parallel port of the PC, and LADSIM then directs the control signals to this port. The model 4512 includes 24V relays to enable the unit to drive actuators such as motors, solenoids, etc.

The power supply unit Model 4263 provides a 24V power source with a 2.5mm power jack connector to enable the Model 4512 to function.

The enhanced PLC control trainer can be controlled from and simulated by LADSIM. Using the control trainer, students can develop ladder programs with LADSIM before applying it to a real unit.

The model 4222, which is ideal for teaching PLC programming, is a flexible, modular training system that facilitates the instruction of students in the control of product assembly and inspection as used in real-world manufacturing processes. Students become familiar with different types of industrial sensors and how they can be used together with the actuators to sort and assemble components, then test for correct assembly and automatically accept or reject defective pieces.

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