Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ethernet PLC/WinPLC Data Collection

The DataWorx Software package easily connects your Ethernet enabled DirectLogic PLCs, or Think & Do Studio or Think & Do Live! Win PLCs, to stand alone PCs or network servers for simple data logging. This means that any PC or server on the network can receive valuable PLC/WinPLC data without the need for special PC programming or any 3rd party HMI, SCADA, or DAQ software application. DataWorx is easy to set up and us. Without a doubt, DataWorx will save you both time and money.

Simply install the DataWorx software on a PC or file server on the same targeted Ethernet PLC network. Next, the PLC logic to write data to your choice of delimited text file or CSV files onto the networked PCs or file server.

Benefits of DataWorx are:
• Easy set up
• No SCADA software required
• Stores unlimited amounts of data
• Can receive data from an unlimited number of Direct PLCs, or Think & Do Studio or Think & Do Live! Win PLCs,
• Direct Logic PLC, or Think & Do Studio or Think & Do Live! Win PLCs, have completed of storing the data.

• Log valuable production data to networked PCs or file servers for Statistical process Control decision making.
• Archive test data in a secure server file location with built-in date/time stamping features to satisfy quality assurance or audit trailing procedures.
• Use in data acquisition applications as source content for historical trending to be used by higher-level business system applications.

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