Sunday, October 31, 2010

PAC Systems RX3i Ethernet NIU

The Ethernet NIU makes it possible to use Series 90-30 I/O and PAC Systems RX3i remotely on an Ethernet network. Data exchange is completely automatic once set up by configuration. System control can be provided by any GE Fanuc master device capable of exchanging Ethernet Global Data. The Ethernet NIU provides automatically the controller with status information in each exchange. The program logic of application in the controller can monitor this status data, and issue appropriate commands to the Ethernet NIU.

An RX3i Ethernet NIU station contains of:
• An RX3i Universal Backplane.
• One RX3i Ethernet module or more.
• An RX3i power supply.
• Proprietary of software application.
• The RX3i Ethernet NIU.
• Series 90-30 expansions backplanes optional.
• Series 90-30 modules and/or PAC Systems RX3i as appropriate for the application.

The Ethernet NIU is compatible with the same types of backplanes, modules, and other equipment as a PAC Systems RX3i CPU. See the PAC Systems RX3i hardware and installation manual, GFK-2314 for a list of compatible products. This module requires Machine Edition Logic Developer software version 5.51 or up.

Ethernet NIU features:
• Optional local logic 20Kbytes. Supports all languages except C programming.
• Battery backed 10 Mbytes of CMOS RAM memory for local data storage.
• Built in flash memory of 10 Mbytes for local user data storage.
• Backed batter calendar clock.
• Upgradeable firmware.
• An RS-232 serial port and RS-485 serial port.
• Supports Ethernet communications via the backplane based Ethernet Interface module.
• Using data exchange EGD (Ethernet Global Data).
• Using SRTP for TCP/IP communication services.
• Diagnostic tools and comprehensive station management.
• Supports operation with redundant controllers.
• PAC Systems RX3i and RX7i controllers can send selected COMMREQ to the RX3i ENIU via Ethernet.
• RX3i Ethernet interfaces are identified by their backplane/slot location during EGD configuration.

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