Monday, November 1, 2010

DataWorx PLC/WinPLC Server

The DataWorx Software packages include a server application that runs as a Microsoft Windows Service. Running as a service means the DataWorx program runs whether or not anyone is presently logged in on the PC. Another advantage of the server running as a service is that the user does not need to manually start the logging every time the computer restarts. The application listens for information from the PLC/WinPLC and logs the data into a file configured from the monitoring application. The server is capable of collecting an unlimited amount of data from an unlimited number of PLCs/WinPLCs.

DataWorx is equipped with an easy to use graphical interface to start, stop, or pause services. It also provides a very simple way to install the service.

The server has a useful Diagnostic Error Log window to help with troubleshooting the server if a problem arises. The Error Log shows the status of the server. The Error Log indicates whether the server is started, stopped, or paused and if the data received from the PLC/WinPLC matches the data configured the server.

RBE (Report By Exception) technology is what makes DataWorx software unique. Rather than usual data collection through polling PLCs/WinPLCs, RBE technology makes the server “listen” for data that has changed before it stores the information. The PLC/WinPLC sends data only when needed. The common method of collecting data by continuous polling adds a lot of network traffic, causes the CPU utilization to dramatically increases, and it most applications, require a dedicated PC.

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