Monday, November 1, 2010

The PAC System RX3i Hardware

The CPU of RX3i is CMU310 whose a high availability redundant CPU that is configured using the MaxOn software. The CMU310 has the same functionality as the CPU310. The CMU310 synchronization is via an Ethernet link.

Base plates
The RX3i Universal base plates have hot swap capability to reduce downtime. Bases expansions are available in 5 and 10 slot versions to maximize the flexibility.

Universal Bases Power Supplies
The modules of RX3i power supply simply snap in just like I/O, and they work with any model CPU. Each version provides auto ranging so there is no need to set jumpers for different level of incoming power, and they are current limiting so a direct short will shut the power supply down to avoid damage of the hardware.

Discrete I/O modules
Modules input provide the interface between the PLC and external input devices such as push button, proximity sensors, switches and BCD thumbwheels. Modules output provide the interface between the PLC and external output devices such as interposing relays, contactors, and indicator lamps.

Analog I/O modules
GE offers easy to use modules analog and modules HART analog for control processes such as temperature, pressure, and flow.

Specialty modules
The RX3i features of specialty modules a wide range to address specific application requirements. These modules include:
• Strain gage I/O and Millivolt.
• Temperature control.
• RTD I/O.
• Resistive I/O.
• Thermocouple I/O.
• Power transducer.

Networks and distributed I/O systems
The RX3i features a variety communication options for I/O and/or distributed control. Choose from Profibus-DP, Ethernet EGD, and DeviceNet. These modules communication are easy to install and quick to configure.

RX3i pneumatic module
This module output provides 11 pneumatic outputs and five 24 VDC sourcing outputs. The module contains an internal 3 way solenoid actuated valve and an associated output fitting for each pneumatic output. Solenoid power is supplied from an external 24 VDC source to the DC outputs connector on the front panel.

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