Thursday, October 28, 2010

Galil Programming Language

The following application note goes over the process for connecting an Automation Direct Logic 205 PLC to a DMC-40x0 via Ethernet. It will cover multiple steps from basic connectivity to reading and writing both digital and analog I/O. it assumed that the user has knowledge of the Galil programming language, and specifically the SB., CB, MB, and IH commands.

This note will talk about this hardware setup specifically, but in generally any Galil controller can be used as substitute for the DMC-40x0, such as the DMC-21x3, DMC -22x0, DMC-14x5. In addition, almost any PLC which can communicate over the Modbus protocol, or send ASCII strings, can be used instead of the Automation Direct part.

The easiest way to connect the Galil controller and the Automation Direct PLC is over an Ethernet connection. Example, we have DMC-4040, an Automation Direct PLC, and a Windows based host PC all connected to a hub. It is important to note that when a Galil motion controller is communicating to a PLC using the Modbus protocol the Galil controller is the Modbus master and the PLC is the Modbus slave.

The first is to establish connection between the host PC and the controller. Once this connection is established, the next step is to have the controller communicate with the PLC. At this point you will need to know the IP address of the PLC.

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