Friday, October 29, 2010

Requirements and Specifications of PLC Network

Wonderware by Invensys is currently one of the most popular and implemented PLC network software packages. Recent advances in National Instrument’s Lab View have also provided a way for human machine interfacing with various PLC’s. The market is calling for other mediums of networking, beyond the high price tag of Wonderware and Lab View.

The current market in automation includes a variety of OPC (open connectivity) protocol converters and software. It feels that by offering a solution to provide data logging without expensive software, the solution will become a new niche in the market.

• Stream multiple unique PLCs dynamic data into excel
1. Control system 1: Micrologix 1100 controller
2. Control system 2: Automation Direct Koyo 105 controller.
• Display real-time data onto a PC.
• Save data to a database.
• Display meaningful data onto a web browser.

• Allen Bradley: 1763 Micrologix 1100
• Automation Direct: Direct Logic 05 DO-05AA
• Automation Direct Communication Card: H0-ECOM100
• {C’s for web server, data base and factory floor
• Ethernet hubs: BELKIN F5U700 Hi-Speed USB 2.0 7-port
• Ethernet cables

• Allen Bradley: RS Linx
• Automation Direct: PC-KEPEBC-3
• Microsoft Windows XP
• Microsoft Office XP (Excel)
• Microsoft Visual Studio Standard 2008 (Visual Basic.Net).

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