Tuesday, October 12, 2010

HMI Connectivity Drives Costs Down

Connectivity can be divided into the connectivity hardware and software connectivity. Hardware connectivity brings value in higher performance, reliability and tighter control of the machine or process. Data connectivity software to significantly reduce per-unit license fees that share many factories to pay today.

Hardware extensive connectivity through the HMI value is realized by reducing the burden of PLC communication. Not everyone needs to run through the PLC. Non-essential elements such as Motion control drive and barcode scanners can be easily managed by the HMI. This allows the PLC to be optimized for critical control, using a special bit I / O cards, and less practical development of the code logic. The result can be seen in improving the performance of the best in class choice plus peripheral components that are not limited to the driver that is offered by the PLC.

Connectivity software data connectivity truly and literally be able to put thousands of dollars in SCADA reduce licensing costs per unit of HMI to share data from the device connected to the plant's existing ERP, MES or SCADA system. There needs to spend even a thousand dollars a license restricted to SCADA for each would save $ 50K in the license without the impact of operating costs. These savings go right to the company's bottom line.

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