Monday, October 11, 2010

Application Flexibility of HMI

Applications change over time. This means your HMI application needs to be updated to match the growing needs of applications. HMI software is more flexible. The problem comes after the HMI is installed or sent to a place from a distance. How will you upgrade the remote sites? You do not want to bring your PC to the site, or if you want to give people the full source files HMI development. Not all suppliers of HMI provide field upgrades easy. But there are some suppliers that offer some good method to update the HMI in the field.

A method of upgrading a few people should look for are:
1. Compact flash cards: Upload new applications into the HMI.
2. USB memory cards: Similar to the method of compact flash.
3. Ethernet: remote connect and download the application in the facility.
4. Internet: HMI Update uses the Internet to eliminate the website of the ministry.
5. Transfer utility: A software utility that does not require full HMI software to update the HMI application.

Upgrade capabilities in this area is not easily found in the datasheet hardware. There are many costs involved in upgrading the field related to the provision and maintenance of equipment once installed. It is important to consider before selecting a vendor or product. , More can be done remotely using the upgrade tool more travel time and money would be saved.

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