Sunday, October 10, 2010

IOVU Open Human Machine Interface (HMI)

The Input and Output Viewer (IOVU) open Human Machine Interface (HMI) facilitates simplified interaction between manual operators and computer-controlled applications through images that represents both data input and output. These images enable operators to quickly identify, evaluate and respond to potential problems.

The IEI IOVU HMI models are designed for automation applications in a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, construction, intelligent transportation, retailing, logistics management, logistics and internet.

Each IOVU is drive by an XScale PXA270 RISC-based CPU, has an IP 65 compliant touch screen THT LCD display and comes with a series of integrated external peripheral connectors including Ethernet ports, serial ports, USB ports, Compact flash slot and audio connectors. A Windows CE 5.0 Embedded OS provides Windows based functions and application software development support.

The IOVU has open software and hardware architectures enabling the easy integration of third party OEM application software such as SCADA/HMI software, database applications, networking stacks and communication applications.

Free or optional software to enable IOVU system integration and application development is available. Available software includes IEI HMI designer, OPC server for PLCs, Thin client technology, IEI Remote management tool, Software Development kit (SDK) for eMbedded Visual C++, Visual basic.NET, and Modbus client SDK.

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