Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Koyo DL06 Communications Using Modbus/TCP

When creating Modbus/TCP client/server connection between a Koyo PLC (client) and EtherMeter features an “always on” Modbus/TCP server on TCP Logical Port 502, and it is configured to auto-detect and service incoming client requests from Modbus-compatible PLC’s. To simplify integration into a Modbus/TP network, the EtherMeter implements Modbus according to the published Modicon standard without proprietary extensions.

In the sample application, the Koyo PLC used was a model DL06, equipped with an Ethernet/Modbus communication module, and LCD Display Module.

The PLC programming software used for this project was DirectSoft5 and the ECOM100 Ethernet Module setup software was NetEdit3.
1. Wiring configuration
The Ethernet ports of the DL06 and EtherMeter are wired directly to each other, without an Ethernet switch, using a single Ethernet crossover cable. Alternatively, the Ethernet ports of both DL06 and EtherMeter could be connected to a common Ethernet switch if expanded network connectivity is desired.
2. EthernetMeter configuration
The EtherMeter was configured with the following setup commands:
3. Meter Registers
The connected meters are Senses “ICE” encoder-type registers. Both were pre-programmed to transmit eight totalization digits.

The DL06 and EtherMeter are both powered by a single AC/DC converter (24VDC output).
The DL06 is equipped with an LCD Display module (D0-06LCD).
The DL06 is equipped with an Ethernet/Modbus TCP Module.

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