Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Modbus Master RTU of GP-Pro

Using GP-Pro with a GP70 series or GP77R series as a Modbus master (RTU) connected to multiple Automation Direct DL06 slaves. No communication instructions in ladder are needed. This application note is not intended for GP2000 series units. Caution: this solution uses a driver that is no an official release and has not been fully tested.

The solution is to install additional driver files in the GP-Pro Software for Modbus master. Testing was done using GP-Pro V6 with the following limited support driver.
Driver: Modbus Master RTU 1:32 OR (v3.50e).
PLC 32 Modbus RTU Slaves (Holding register).
Software requirements: GP-Pro v3.0 or newer.

Driver updates instruction:
• Copy the Modicon.apn, Modicon.epn and Modicon.hpn files into the [ProPBWin] “\Protocol” directory.
• Copy the Modicon.tbl file into the [ProPBWin] “\PlcTbl” directory.

The GP-Pro Modbus driver will only address complete words. The driver does not have the ability to read and write bits. To translate the address from the DL06 PLC to GP-Pro Modbus Master Driver refer to following table:
Modbus Master Driver refer
The PLC Program Address is the address as it appears in the PLC program.
The PLC Memory map Address is derived from the table gives PLC system V memory equivalents of other types of registers.


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