Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Real Time Automation Language of Mint

With nearly two decades of history, Mint was designed from the outset around the BASIC programming language. It was understood then, and it is still true today, that BASIC is the de-facto programming language around the world.

Mint fully embraces all the modern BASIC programming functionality including features such as multitasking, function and procedures, data types and local data. Mint’s new Code library makes code re-use even simpler by allowing snippets of code to be stored and used for other projects.

The advantages of Mint-Automation language are:
1. High speed compiled BASIC Programming language for motion and machine control.
2. Multitasking capability for motion, I/O, Human Machine Interface (HMI) and communication tasks. Allows complex applications to be broken down into simpler, more manageable tasks.
3. Modular programming capability, including functions and subroutines, allows for code re-use and ease of debugging.
4. Common programming interface for both Baldor’s NextMove and intelligent drives reduce the learning curve.
5. Comprehensive library of motion types including interpolated moves, CAM profiling, flying shears, gearing and more.
6. Comprehensive Windows tools including color keyword highlighting in the editor, software oscilloscope, online help, drive configuration wizard and auto tuning.
7. ActiveX components, supplied free of charge, aid in the development of Windows front end applications.

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