Friday, October 22, 2010

Conveyor Control Network from Baldor

No installation is complete without a comprehensive control system and communication network. Baldor developed and commissioned a multi layered system that delivers total control of all processes to the desk-top.

Primary control of the conveyor system is delivered to the crusher control room located at the tail-end of the conveyor. Two workstations operate RSView32 graphics software which displays all the plant control process parameters, alarms, and start/stop control of the crusher equipment and conveyor drives. Control and feedback information is delivered to six SLC504 PLC controllers over DH+ data highway.

The PLCs are located at strategic point throughput the process. PLC-1 interfaces with the CST controls for the 3 head drives, monitors stock-pile level and all the auxiliary equipment in that area including disc brake, cooling skids, speed sensors and safety interlocks.

PLCs 2, 3, & 4 are located inside the tunnel. These monitor the conveyor belt safety interlocks such as belt-sway and pull cord switches and emergency stops.

PLC-5 is located at the tail end to monitor and control the Eddy-current winch, safety interlocks in that area and belt-weighing system data.

PLC-6 is located with crusher motor control center (MCC), and controls the gyration crusher, apron feeder, dust collectors, air pumps and associated services.

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