Saturday, October 23, 2010

Baldor Using Computer Modeling for Structural Designs

Baldor used extensive computer modeling to create, analyze, modify and approve designs. The most complex regions for design included structure for the crusher and apron feeder, a custom engineered curve delivery chute, the take-up carriage and belt tensioning winch, as well as the head drive configuration with elevated delivery structure.

Computer animated particle flow analysis was used to develop the best possible shape and dimensions for the curved delivery chute which was to be located below the crusher at the tail end of the conveyor. The purpose of the chute was to ensure consistent feed and to match feed rates to belt speed. This ensures minimal impact damage to the belting, and eliminates spillage and blockages.

Baldor also designed and commissioned the belt tensioning tail pulley carriage and winch. The optimum design included an Eddy current coupling, a 55kW-3Ph/380V/50Hz/1500 rpm AC motor, multi-disc wet brake, planetary gear reducer. As part of the Baldor control system, load information is sent to a dedicated PLC unit which in-turn provides the necessary signal to the winch to control the starting and running tension of the conveyor.

As part of the design process for each conveyor, Baldor also carries out extensive static and dynamic analysis of the conveyor to ensure safe operation under all foreseeable start up, shut down, full and partially-loaded conditions and power outage situations.

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