Sunday, October 24, 2010

Baldor CST Better Drive Solutions

The Baldor CST (Controlled Start Transmission) is patented 2 in 1 drive that combines a planetary gear reducer and a hydro viscous clutch specifically engineered to deliver and synchronize power from multiple drives, and to control acceleration of high inertia loads such as long haul conveyors.

CST technology has proven to be a very reliable and robust. They are very maintenance friendly. Generally all that is required is periodic oil sampling checks, an oil and filter changes when required, and that just translates into more availability production time.

The efficient incorporation of helical and planetary reduction gears and the hydro-viscous clutch results in a low overall height and a compact footprint, provides very high torque density, and allows efficient and easily controlled synchronizing and load sharing of all drives. These are highly desirable features, particularly underground applications where height and space are always minimal.

A PLC controller (which can synchronize up to four drives) provides an appropriate S-curve start-up ramp via managed hydraulic pressure to the clutch pack. Mine wide connectivity is delivered via DH+ data highway, Ethernet or other popular proprietary links. The CST clutch technology has proven easier to balance than alternatives and is very forgiving on shock loads and surges, which are a major concern for conveyor failure.

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