Monday, November 29, 2010

Domain Name Server and PLC-5 Controller

Domain Name Service (DNS) is enhancement that translates a user defined name into an Internet Protocol (IP) address. This enhancement requires RSLogix5, rev 5.2 or up. This enhancement is a user friendly tabular view of module information and web diagnostics.

UPP (Web User Provided Pages) allows you to create your own custom web pages to provide process information executive summaries. This page is accessible to any Internet user who has network access to the PLC-5 controller. Two types of web user provided pages are Web Custom Data Monitor page and HTML pages:
• Web Custom Data Monitor pages contains data table elements in the table form.
• HTML pages contain text, data table elements, and images.
This enhancement requires RSLogix5 rev 5.2 or up.

DNS allows an Internet Protocol address in symbolic form to be converted into the numeric IP address. This conversion is a service provided by a remote host on the network for the PLC-5 controller. With this release of PLC-5 controller Ethernet and release 5.20 or greater of RSLogix programming software, you may enter the symbolic form of the IP address as the IP address in Message Block.

The feature of Channel Configuration in RSLogix5 programming software allows you to configure a primary and secondary DNS server as well as a Default Domain Name. DNS name contains of a Domain name and a label name. You can enter the full label and domain name or just the label name when programming the message instruction. The default domain name is appended to the name of label. Label names must start with a letter and can only contains of letter, hyphens and digits.

The PLC-5 controller verifies that label name with the name servers when a message instruction with a label name is first used. The connection is made when the IP address is returned. Subsequent message instruction will not require label name verification after the connection is made.

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