Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Telecommunication with SCADA Packets

There are existing two types of networks in the communication world, namely circuit switched and packet switched networks. The network of circuit switched circuit establishes direct connection between two or more stations by means of switches, which is normally done with telephone dial up modem networks. It means, there is a general move towards a packet style operation where the data is handled in packet prefixed with some addressing. The networks of packet switched are more cost effective, since a dedicated network is not needed from start to finish.

Telecommunication facilities combine, switch, amplify and transmit information over chosen media. The hardware consist transmitters to convert the voice and data signals to suite the transmission media, switches wiring, routers, bridged and multiplexers to amplify and carry the signals to a receiving station.

Frame relay is a packet of network of switched. The data packets of frame relay networks may not have direct correspondence to the size of SCADA response or poll packets. A SCADA packet will often be broken up into several packets of frame relay by the network, with delays between the frame relay of data packets. Typically communication systems vendors such as Sprint, MCI and AT&T packet types, of switching use this when transporting large data through large geographical distance.


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