Friday, November 19, 2010

New Generation of Programmable Automation Controller

The characteristics of programmable automation controller are:
• The operation is using a single platform in multiple domains.
• It is integrating to controller hardware and software.
• The programming using software tools which can design the control programs.
• It is open standards
• And, provides efficient processing.
Ethernet Direct launches a new generation programmable automation controller to serve expanding machine and industrial control system development needs. This new generation is called SME system that combines the ruggedness of a PLC, a graphic display, keypad in one unit and open, flexible software architecture. SME series makes process control, data acquisition, remote equipment monitoring, plants automation, building management system and industrial machine control applications flexible and easy.

Users can build systems incorporating software capabilities such as advanced control, communication, data logging, and signal processing with rugged hardware performing logic, motion, vision and process control with SME systems.

Programmable automation controller environment is in industrially hardened to withstand use in industrial applications involving extreme temperatures, vibration, dust, electric noise.

The features of programmable automation controller’s SME series are:
• It is capable to communicate real time.
• Has fast boot speed.
• Has deterministic control
• It has multi-function.
• Open communication standards.
• Able to run PC-based control software such as Visual C#, Visual Basic, C++, etc.

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