Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The PAC System RX3i ENIU Architectures

Series 90 PLCs
Remote series 90 PLCs that use SRTP Channels COMMREQ expect the ENIU to be slot 1 or 2. to support communications with Series 90 SRTP clients like, Series 90 PLCs using SRTP Channels, the RX3i redirects internally incoming SRTP request destined for {backplane 0, slot1}, {backplane 0, slot 2}, provided that the ENIU is located in backplane 0 slot2 (and the remote client has not issued an SRTP Destination service on the connection to discover the slot and backplane of the ENIU). This special permits of redirection Series 90-30 applications that expect the power supply to be located leftmost and the ENIU to be located to the right of the power supply for function. Attempts to establish channels with ENIUs in slots other than 1 or 2 will fail if initiated from Series 90 PLCs.

HMI and external communication devices
All external communication devices that interact with ENIU should be checked for compatibility with slot location of ENIU other than slot 1. Problems may arise with, but are not limited to, fault reporting and initial connection sequences. Machine Edition View users should select “GE SRTP” as their communication drivers, it can communicate with an ENIU in any slot.

Programmer connection
The programmer can communicate with the NIU via the backplane based Ethernet interface, serial port 1, or serial port 2. Connecting a programmer via an Ethernet TCP/IP network requires a CAT5 standard Ethernet cable with connectors RJ-45.

Before connecting the ENIU and programmer to the Ethernet TCP/IP network, set the IP address using the initial IP Address software tool. Connect the RX3i and the computer running the programming software to the Ethernet Interface after setting the IP address. Refer to the TCP/IP Ethernet Communications for PAC Systems User Manual, GFK-2224 for detailed information on programmer connection via Ethernet TCP/IP.

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