Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The PAC Systems RX3i Controller

The PAC Motion controller is a versatile 4 axis servo motion controller that provides the flexibility and scalability to cover a full range of motion applications from small material handling applications to complex multi axis electronics and machines line shaft applications. PAC Motion provides real time of all axes synchronization in an RX3i rack. A separate RX3i fast logic scan enables fast deterministic event synchronization and response, and the demand driven data exchange model between the RX3i CPU and PAC Motion module many reduce significantly scan time impact. The 4 axis servo motion controller is built on a high performance hardware platform, with new operating system, enhanced motion engine, and open standard integrated programming paradigm.

The PAC System RX3i controller is an incredibly powerful PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) in the innovative PAC Systems family. The RX3i features a universal programming environment and a single control engine to provide application portability across multiple hardware platforms and deliver a true convergence of control.

With integrated critical control platforms, motion, logic, HMI, process control and high availability based on our Reflective Memory technology, the RX3i provides the performance and flexibility to give you an advantage. PAC Systems RX3i lets you take control no matter the challenges.

The innovative technology of the PAC Systems RX3i enables users to:
• Address major business and engineering issues, such as tighter cost control and higher productivity.
• Boost the overall performance at their systems automation.
• Reduce commissioning and engineering costs.
• Easily integrate new technology into installed base systems.
• Decrease significantly concerns regarding short and long term migration and platform longevity.

PAC Systems RX3i features:
• High speed processor for faster throughput without information bottlenecks.
• Dual backplane bus support per module slot:
• Serial backplane for easy migration of existing series 90-30 I/O.
• High speed PCI.
• Memory for ladder machine documentation and logic documentation in the controller to improve troubleshooting and reduce downtime.
• Open communications support including Ethernet, Profibus etc.

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