Friday, December 24, 2010

The Compact Controllers Package from Omron

Now micro and small controllers offer processing and communications technology formerly found in large rack systems. These compact controllers let you control at each machine process and distribute intelligent I/O. Omron has the solution for simple timing control to complete machine operation.

Fast troubleshooting, more uptime
• Set the protectors levels to prevent from tempering.
• Built in alarms and status indication simply monitoring and troubleshooting for fast response.
• Simpler to troubleshoot and more economical compared with installing discrete controls.
• The testing performance assures 100% long reliable operation.

If size crucial to your machine design or the convenience of having all the components in one simple to assemble package then Omron can provide the package that will work for you.
An all in one brick style package contains the I/O, CPU, and power supply in a compact housing that mounts on track rail of DIN. Most brick packages are expandable and offer specialized I/O modules for temperature and analog input. Ease of use, centralized control and convenience all make the brick package a popular choice with most designers.

A modular design lets you choose the power supply, CPU, and mix of discrete and specialized I/O separately. The CPU has built in communication ports and discrete I/O that provide a common platform for multiple machine designs. Expand the capabilities with additional simple programming and specialized I/O.

The level of board programmable controller offers the capabilities of a brick style system in an open board package. Use the board level controller in place of embedded the designs of control and in applications where space requirements and the appearance of a proprietary controller are warranted.

Omron offers self contain course package completely to learn programming techniques hand on. Each kit contain a compact input simulator, micro PLC, and easy to follow guide to ladder logic programming.

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