Friday, December 24, 2010

TOPKAPI Industrial SCADA Programming

AREAL has constantly perfected its TOPKAPI software over 20 years of innovation, turning it into the most advanced industrial SCADA software in the world, easy implementation, reliability, high power processing.

TOPKAPI had copied installed for thousands, it is used both by direct operators as well as engineers and automation specialists designing and developing industrial applications. TOPKAPI is running in Windows operating system as the de facto standard. It extends beyond fashionable concepts and providing users with means to integrate supervision into the global corporate information processing chain, shared databases, ERP and MES systems, web access, etc.

TOPKAPI software offers a solution to all user’s needs, from a basic graphic for workshop control to architectures controlling and redundant applications several dozens of interconnected stations.

The features of TOPKAPI are as following:
• Communication remote or local through field controller and devices.
• Data formatting and calculation.
• Fault and alarm processing.
• Measurements and logging events.
• Operating stations, remote and local.
• Display with graphic editor.

TOPKAPI is particularly appreciated for programming interfaces (Softlink concept) and its high quality graphics, its redundancy and client/server mechanisms, and for remote communication management. The built in function and calculation power can be used to create applications by easy parameters setting without the need for laborious programming.


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