Thursday, December 30, 2010

Control Components of ICS

Below is the list of the major components of an Industrial Control Systems (ICS):
Master Terminal Unit (MTU) or SCADA Server. In a SCADA system the SCADA server is device that acts as the master. PLC and RTU located at remote field site usually act as slaves.
Control Server, the control server hosts the PLC or DCS supervisory control software which is designed to communicate with lower level control devices.
Remote Terminal Unit, RTU is also called as a remote telemetry unit. It is special purpose control unit and data acquisition designed to support SCADA remote stations.
Programmable Logic Controller, the PLC is a small industrial computer originally designed to perform logic function that executed by electrical hardware such as, switches, relays, and mechanical timer or counters.
Intelligent Electronic Devices, IED is a smart actuator or sensor containing the intelligence required to acquire data, perform local processing and control, and communicate to others devices.
Human Machine Interface, the HMI is hardware and software that allows human operators to monitor the state of a process under control.
Data Historian, the history of data is a centralized database for logging all process information within an ICS.
Input/Output Server, the IO server is a control component responsible for collecting, providing and buffering access to process information from control sub components such as, IEDs, PLCs, and RTUs.

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