Thursday, December 30, 2010

DeCoSys Development Utilizes PLCOpen and IEC 61131-3

Developing I/O programming and motion control using a standard set of software tools streamlines software development and creates application programs that are easier and more effective to support in the field. The DeCoSys Development Software utilizes PLCopen motion function blocks and standard IEC 61131-3 programming to provide proven, open standard tools for developing application programs for I/O control and motion control, running on a single controller.

The advantage of IEC 61131-3 is that it provides an integrated set of graphical interfaces and software tools to meet a wide range of software development needs:
• LD (Relay Ladder Logic).
• FBD (Function Block Diagram).
• SFC (Sequential Function Chart).
• ST (Structured Text).
• IL (Instruction List).
Developing application program using IEC 61131-3 offers the following advantages:
• Provide flexibility for selecting the best programming approach and methods for specific application requirements and tasks.
• Reduces training cost by learning one set of programming languages used by multiple control vendors.
• Offer the ability for the programmer to deploy and develop reusable function blocks which can reduce future software development cost and protect your company’s intellectual properties.

PLCOpen is promoting IEC 61131-3 as an independent worldwide association that has defined standard motion programming function blocks which cover all the IEC 61131-3 languages programming.

ORMEC’s implementation of motion programming (ServoWire Motion Blocks) conforms to the PLCopen motion block definitions and provides flexible, powerful functionality beyond that defined in the standard. A variety of applications can be written in any of the IEC 61131-3 programming languages using the ServoWire Motion Blocks.

The ServoWire Motion Blocks provide the enhanced functionality as following:
• Move relative in time.
• Move relative at velocity.
• Move absolute in time.
• Move absolute at velocity.
• Gear relative at ratio.
• Gear relative in master distance.
• Cam relative.
• Plus administrative function blocks including enhanced diagnostic capabilities.

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