Friday, December 31, 2010

The Development Tools of CoDeSys

Powerful IEC 61131-3 development tools are provided for writing, maintaining and debugging application programs. This development environment will assist you in writing your program application by providing automatic variable declaration, syntax coloring, automatic code formatting, and global search/replace functionality. There are tools for exporting and importing code modules, and a Library Manager for adding additional system libraries to your project.

The Input Assistant identities possible entries for function calls, input variables and IEC keywords. A simulation mode is available for testing your program logic without needing the controller and other hardware.

A watch window is provided for writing and monitoring variable values to debug your application, along with tools for setting real time program break points, single cycling or single stepping through the program. A digital storage scope provides cyclic or single shot storage and can display up to eight program variables to monitor your machine during operation.

The development environment of CoDeSys provides tools for creating visualizations which can be used to build diagnostic displays and operator entry useful for testing and debugging the application.

When your application program is complete, all the supporting files and the source can be downloaded to SMLC. The files of Application program source can be password protected to limit access to authorized personnel only, and the controller acts as a medium storage for the software application, making field maintenance a snap.

A key strength of the CoDeSys development environment is the different types of text and graphical based programming tools it provides for a particular job, simplifying both the software development process and support of the machine by engineering and plant personnel.

Programming tools simplify software development, such as:
CoDeSys Development Tools
• Suite of charting tool and programming languages simplifies machine development support.
• Program motion control and logic using standard IEC 61131-3.
• Select among text and graphical based languages.


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