Saturday, January 1, 2011

The 2201 Monitoring System with PLC 5 Controller

The 2201 Monitoring System can be used for continuous vibration monitoring of essential, critical and general purpose machines. It provides you with machinery vibration and plant process data from a single convenient source of programmable. This reduces installations, equipment and operating costs.

The 2201 measures up to 24 channels of seismic information and vibration, and provides for two levels of alarm alert and danger, for each channel. Many parameters configured manually by jumpers in the 3300 Monitoring system can be programmed directly now by the machine operator from the PLC-5 controller.

Each 2201 System consists of a System Monitor up to and a Monitoring System Backplane and six Four channel Monitors. The System Monitor performs these major functions:
• Communicates with the PLC System Processor using block transfer instructions.
• Interfaces with the 1771 Universal I/O backplane.
• Provides external communication connections for diagnostics.
• Scans each of the 24 channels every 40 milliseconds.
• Generates sensor supply voltage.

The System Monitor has two status LEDs to verify communication with the System Status, controller, Individual Monitor Status and Individual Channel Status are communicated from the System Monitor to the controller in a single block transfer.

The universal monitor of 2201 contains four generic monitoring channels and accepts signals from up to four Transducers of Bently Nevada. Each channel can be configured by the PLC5 controller to perform any of these monitoring functions:
• Peak to peak displacement.
• Gap voltage.
• Thrust position.
• Seismic vibration velocity.
• Seismic vibration acceleration.

If a problem, such as an Alert or Danger condition, is detected in the system vibration, the PLC 5 controller is notified immediately. Specific action taken will depend on how you have programmed the PLC 5 controller for the application. The four Channel Monitor contains two status LEDs to verify that monitors are functioning properly and communicating with the system monitor.

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