Saturday, January 1, 2011

The 2201 Monitoring System by Bently Nevada and Allen Bradley

Bently Nevada, an expert in the design and manufacture of systems vibration information, and a leader in industrial automation controls and systems is Allen Bradley Company Inc. Units of Rockwell International have joined forces to bring you a new product.

With more than 120 years of technical excellence they have combined to deliver the Bently Nevada 2201 Monitoring System. This innovative approach integrates machinery vibration monitoring information with plant process data through the Allen Bradley PLC5 programmable controller. The 2201 offers you reduced instrumentations costs, single configuration management, improved reliability and a shared interface with plant supervisory systems by using fewer parts which functions more efficiently together.

Development of the 2201 Monitoring System came about as a request from a customer, a major OEM that uses both Allen Bradley and Bently Nevasa equipment expressed a need for a product to collect vibration data and transfer it to a process computer without the use of conventional vibration monitors. They integrated vibration and process system to reduce overall system cost and panel space, sharing common resources such as chassis, operator interfaces and power supply.

In the past, the signals of vibration monitoring were integrated into a programmable controller by transmitting a 4 to 20 mA output proportional to vibration amplitude. This output became an input to the programmable controller and was treated as another variable process. Major shortcomings of this approach are lack of false trip and the time delay and missed trip protection. The 2201 Monitoring System integrates vibration monitoring signals immediately, while retaining the machinery monitoring level offered by other Bently Nevada systems, such as 3300 systems.

The Allen Bradley PLC 5 programmable controller is a single slot processor, a mid size that mounts in standard size 1771 Universal I/O chassis. It controls and monitors I/Os both in resident and remote I/O chassis Specific PLC 5 controller features include:
• Ladder Logic programming.
• SFC programming.
• Up to 64k words of memory.
• Built in remote I/O.
• Program structuring capability.

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