Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Engineering Software of L-force Automation Machine

L-force PC based automation is centralized machine control suited to a large number of axis, L-force is produced by Lenze UK. Engineering software of L-force is need for planning, parameter setting and diagnostic of Lenze L-force products. It is available as freeware or a powerful multi axis tool. The software is including multi channel software oscilloscope.

Visualization requirements are covered by VisiWinNet and HMI Designers for the intelligent EL100 panels. Drive PLC Developer Studio is using commissioning of PLC products to IEC61131-3 and used for no-nonsense programming. Cam Designer software makes the tasks to generate cam profiles easier for cyclic linear motion.

Lenze also gives you to choose of fieldbus to best match your system needs. The CAN system bus is integrated into Lenze controllers, drives and accessories to achieve easy connectivity with low cost. The standard fieldbus can be made for fieldbus connection at device level and higher level from Ethernet, Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen and ASi.

Precise motion control can be achieved with real-time high speed fieldbuses for data connection between the controller and the drive. Lenze also offer PowerLink, Profinet, and Ethercat.

Remote maintenance can access to drive controllers from worldwide. It can reduce downtimes and costs. There is available options include modems, Ethernet, and OPC server connections.

L-force PC based Automation from Lenze
L-force PC-based automation is centralized machine produced by Lenze UK. It is machine control suited to a large number of axes. Precision and high performance can be achieved. There is choice between Motion control to PLC Open part 1+2 and PLC Logic control to IEC61131-3.

Robust Embedded Line IPCs complete with TFT displays can be individually configured. Control cabinet PCs are suitable and modern for use as servers or control room computers. IP65 protected Command Stations can be desk or arm mounted with options of keyboards and keypads.

Lenze HMI makes machines safe and easy to operate. It has an easy to configure software and connect through to Lenze system bus (CAN). The text displays look suit simple applications. Graphic displays are for graphical displays of data and recipe management. Touchscreens include handheld with interface of user which have a very flexible lay out.

The Lenze ETC system controls between 2 and 12 axes either as a PLCopen motion controller or as a CNC path controller meeting DIN66025. Twin Can ports are also enables high speed motion.

The Lenze I/O system connects to the system bus of CAN. There are two versions: the Modular system which is easily customized for complex applications and the Compact system for up to 32 channels.

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