Wednesday, December 15, 2010

HMI Development Using Adobe Flash Technologies

The use of Adobe Flash Platform offers several advantages for automakers. Car manufacturers have created highly quality-mockups of in-car interfaces using Adobe Flash Professional software for years. They recorded the back end functionality of the system in a language like C or C++ previously. Nut now they can leverage the code they have developed in Adobe Flash Professional to produce the full solution and deliver it to market faster.

Many auto design shop now use a variety of graphic design and animation tools including Adobe Flash Professional in the initial stages of automotive HMI (Human Machine Interface) design and then recode the interfaces using alternate technologies such as Java or C/C++. This creates inefficiencies due to the whole HMI has to be created twice. Car makers can go from a graphical prototype created using Flash technology to a final product without HMI recording.

QNX software systems adopted an HMI development approach using Adobe Flash technologies that unifies the overall graphic design and subsequent development cycle. The entire HMI required for in-car functions can be prototype and then taken into production in Adobe Flash Professional, greatly reducing development effort and time with the QNX Aviage HMI Suite. In-car applications already created in C and C++ languages can also be easily integrated with the QNX CAR platform so that carmakers can leverage previous software development efforts and further accelerate time to market.

A key reason the Systems of QNX software is leveraging the Adobe Flash Platform is its easy integration with HMI (Human Machine Interface). The HMI services provided by the QNX Neutrino RTOS offer a great deal of flexibility, allowing system designers to implement a mix of user output and input methods, including tactile control, touch screens, and speech recognition. The operating system enables HMI displays to be composed of video in FVL format, OpenVG, and OpenGL ES from a display perspective.

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