Friday, December 17, 2010

High Level Standard of Modicon PLC

Modicon Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are microprocessor based, state of the art, programmable and modular units for application of industry that demand continual control and monitoring of a remote process and its variables.

Modicon PLC maintains the standard high levels of integrity a product performance including:
• Power supplies, redundant controllers and I/O cabling provide highest system availability for critical applications.
• Tightly technology of integrated automation including process control and motion.
• Very high speed rates of scan with fast controllers.
• Output configuration “fail” states for predictable performance in critical applications.
• High isolation levels for noise immunity in severe environments electrically.
• High accuracy analog I/O for tighter process control and monitoring.
• High speed turn off, turn on circuits, combined with interrupt processing for higher system performance.
• Design of “Hot Swap” for simplified maintenance and increased system availability.

This combination of flexibility, performance, and scale make Modicon the best solution for the most demand applications, yet cost effective enough to fit the other automation needs. Connectivity to different network levels is assured with 8 networks, from Ethernet to ASCII.

Modicon offers the right software tool for optimal efficiency and productivity with support for multiple programming languages. Modicon delivers this productivity by providing process languages for continuous control or batch, ladder logic and sequential languages for discrete control for three level languages to optimize openness and flexibility.

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