Thursday, December 16, 2010

Touch Screen HMI of VT250 from Turck

The HMI (Human Machine Interface), the communication between machine and man, will always play in a major role for an efficient system operation – despite all automation efforts. Previously, huge switchboards were used to establish a communication channels between machine and man. Currently, most users rely on modern computers screens. So far they do have a good reason: modern touch screens with integrated PLC functionality provide flexibility. New programming simplifies plant upgrade and even simple signal in the field may be replaced with small HMIs that are more versatile and becoming a less expensive option.

Turck has been working for decades to develop a comprehensive knowledge in the field level where sensor, PLCs and fieldbus systems work together. During this time Turck has extended its interface, sensors, and fieldbus portfolio with DeCoSys programmable gateways with integrated PLC functionality. This technology enables certain tasks to be performed in the field directly, like writing and reading RFID data carriers. These compact PLCs support decentralized concept automation. After intense market inquiries Turck decide to extend its portfolio with a new HMI series that not only provides visualization and controlling functionalities but also outstanding communication characteristics. The first new model VT250 will be launch at the SPS/IPC/ Drives.

The VT250 is a 5.7 inch thin film transistor touch screen (QVGA) in a compact plastic housing. Its assembly semi standardize dimension 212x156x50 mm enables user to apply the new HMI to various applications in no time. Even the HMIs sophisticated back side provides a new practicability. Unlike many established HMIs, the VT250 allows accessing the back up battery and the SD memory card from outside the housing, users may replace both components without a hassle.

Counter sunk fieldbus port support CANopen and Profibus, DeviceNet, and allows the sub-d 9-pin connector cable to be conducted in the same direction exactly as all the other cables. The HMIS bottom side provides a 24V power supply, supporting RS-232 and RS-485, communication port and additional USB port.

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