Saturday, December 18, 2010

Multi Function Display of HMI MFD4-5-XRC-30

The MFD4-5-XRC-30 multi function display is a new component in range automation of Moeller. The device from the easyHMI device series features a full graphics 5.7 inch color STN display with 256 colors, resistive touch technology as well as a communication options host.

The MFD4 can be used both as and HMI and as an HMI control device to the integrated PLC functionality. Only software, easySoft-CoDeSys, is needed for the PLC application and the visualization. The Windows CE based panel comes with a 64MB SRAM memory. Flash memory 6 MB is provided for visualization tasks and 2 MB flash memory for the PLC program.

The MFD4 comes with an Ethernet, combined RS232 interface and CANopen/easyNet. The Ethernet interface (10/100 MB) ensures downloads with fast program and can also be used for communication to other controllers. An OPC connection, file transfer via FTP access or visualization via web browser access completed the range of communication options available. The RS 232 is designed as an alternative programming access and can be also used for communication with peripheral devices such as barcode scanners and models. The combine CANopen/easyNet interface fully integrates the MFD4 in the automation world of Moeller. This means that easy-Control EC4, easy800, or XC100/XC200 can be interconnected without any problem. Start motor starters can be directly connected to the MFD4 via SmartWire by means of a gateway.

MMC enables universal use. The complete project, trend data, recipe data and alarm data as well as the operating system can be stored on a Multi Media memory card if required. This important feature enables the simple and reliable data exchange worldwide without any programming device required.

The MFD4 can be run as master network or also as slave on the CANopen bus. The SmartWire gateway enables motor starters, for instance, to be accessed directly from a PLC.

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