Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vijeo Citect HMI Software

SE Vijeo Citect Human Machine Interface (HMI) Software is flexible, reliable and high performance supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system with the features as following:
• The HMI is having special quality for reliable architecture in factory automation and other mission critical applications, hardware failure can lead result in potentially hazardous situations and can lead to production loss. Vijeo Citect will tolerate failure anywhere in your system with no loss of performance and functionality.
• Powerful graphics, the graphic capabilities of SCADA system are critical factors in overall usability. Using this you can develop true color, easy to use graphic that provides the operator with a consistent, intuitive user interface.
• Intuitive process analysis tools, is an intuitive process analysis too; that sits directly in the SCADA system, delivering actionable insight to the operator faster and improving their efficiency and productivity.
• Object based configuration for rapid development, it is made quick and easy to configure the tools such as page templates, genies and super genies, and SpeedLink which link the configuration in your control system.
• Engineering with ease, it offers targeted and flexible system engineering tools to help more efficient. Vijeo Citect also allows close integration with a complete Schneider Electric solution.

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