Monday, December 6, 2010

PLC Based Beam Dump Control

This article will describe a new software and experience gained with use of the software for beam dump systems. The beam dump systems provide controlled absorption of the accelerator beam power. To get the safely dissipate the high power continuous electron beam the dumps are equipped with a number of sensors for measuring such critical control parameters as the hydrogen production, cooling water flow, temperature, pressure etc. The continuous beam power is up to 1 MW, 6 GeV, and 200uA.

Each beam dump is completely handled by one DirectNet PLC. All control functions have been developed and implemented with the use of the programming software package of Ladder Logic DirectSOFT32.

Two new PLC based beam dump control systems have been successfully working at Jefferson Lab since 2002. The software has running very smoothly and no failures happened. The software together with such powerful EPICS tools as the alarm handler and data archives it has been providing an excellent beam dumps control systems. The general of dumps structure as well as critical process parameter and their statuses are provided on the main dump control screens. The general structure of dumps has been designed by the Control Software together with instrumentation engineers. It is very easy to understand and extremely important for the beam dump system diagnostics.

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